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Miriam Haas is a French-German fashion illustrator based in Berlin since 2008.

She trained and worked as a fashion designer in both Paris and Berlin.

Since March 2012, Miriam Haas is Co-founder of the Concept Store Garden of Anouk in the heart of trendy Prenzlauer Berg. MiriamĀ“s intense love of fashion began at a very young age and for as long as she can remember she has filled sketchbooks with her unique little fashion figures. These distinctive illustrations display in a humoristic and charming way the stereotipes of todays fashion world.

In july 2014, Miriam Haas has published her first book "Mode Zeichnen" for the book series Schnelles Wissen in 30 Minuten (Publisher Frechverlag GmbH) in Germany.

Miriam is always creating new illustrations, which can be viewed on her blog. She is also available to work on commission for editorial work, personalized logos, greeting cards, invitations, and much more....